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Bicycle Accessories & Parts | Bottle Cage Supplier - GOLFCEL

Located in Taiwan, GOLFCEL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a bicycle accessories & parts supplier since 1989. GOLFCEL's cycling accessories and parts are widely applied in medical, car, motorcycle, furniture, golf shaft and 3C parts industries.

GOLFCEL's large selection and great deal can satisfy your needs. Their products include - bottle cages, carbon seatposts, bike handlebars, bar ends, headset top cap, headset spacers, etc.

With the carbon fiber products bicycle accessories & parts high-end technology and 23 years of experience, GOLFCEL makes sure to meet each customer's standard.


Exhibitors' information

1. Taipei Cycle Show
2. China Cycle Show
3. Eurobike Show
4. Interbike Show
5. Taichung Bike Week

Exhibition Photo

1. Taipei Cycle Show
2014_Taipei Cycle Show2014_Taipei Cycle Show2014_Taipei Cycle Show 
2. China Cycle Show
2014_China Cycle ShowChina-cycling-show
3. Eurobike Show
4. Interbike Show
5. Taichung Bike Week